I have been supplementing my training with Mito-Ade since September 2016.  Initially, I tried it for 2 weeks having noticeable improvements in my endurance and recovery during training and overnight.  Following the initial 2-week trial, I took a 2 week hiatus from the product.  Off the product, I experienced longer periods of soreness in comparison to my first trial.  I decided to give Mito-Ade another go.  It has been 2 months since I have been using Mito-Ade on a regular basis to supplement my diet and training.  Along with the benefits of increased recovery time from rigorous training and coaching schedule, I have noticed physical changes in my physique (being more lean) and I have better control of my appetite.  As a disciplined, high level athlete, I have decided to keep Mito-Ade as a vital part of my training.  I am looking forward to achieving great things in 2017 with its use.

- Jordan Burton, III
Brazilian JiuJitsu Brown Belt
2015 IBJJF World Master Jiu-Jitsu Champion
2016 IBJJF American National Champion

I was lucky enough to give Mito-Ade a test drive over the Thanksgiving holiday and was amazed by how I felt after just having it a few days! First of all, it has a clean and refreshing taste alone, but also allows for it to be spruced up with some fresh fruit or mint leaves to be infused. I'm pretty sure there are all kinds of fun ideas that could jazz up your daily Mito-Ade for some variety. Better yet, It probably saved me from eating all kinds of junk food on vacation! I'm pretty sure Mito-Ade helped curb my sweet tooth too! I pretty much never turn down ice cream, but there was a day we went out for a little dessert outing and when I got to the counter I didn't really have the urge to order any thing. Everyone looked at me like there was something wrong with me! I also found that it also gave me plenty of energy to keep up with the kiddos I was staying with.  I gave plenty of piggy back rides, went on hikes, went swimming for hours and still had plenty of energy at the end of the day.  I'll have to say I was a little bummed that I ran out of the trial size, but I finally got my hands on a new stash of Mito-Ade and am excited to see where it takes me! Being a full-time nurse who is also trying to plan a wedding, I could sure use some extra focus and energy. And hey, if one of the other benefits is that I can shed a few pounds and look amazing on my big day, even better!!  

- Jennifer L. 
Nurse at Stanford Hospital

I started Mito-Ade about a week ago and noticed an immediate difference in my energy and ability to focus. I am a full time working mom with two young children and a husband who travels a lot. Before trying this product, I was constantly tired, cranky, and felt hopeless; after using mito-ade this week, I have a renewed faith in my abilities and newfound sense of purpose. I have had enough energy and focus to excel in work, give my children the attention they deserve, and spend some time on my home. As an added bonus, I've even lost 4 lbs! I am excited to see what I am capable of after a few more weeks! 
- Catherine R. 
Elementary Teacher at Roberts

I want to share my story with you and thank you for a great product.  I just turned 48 and was pleasantly surprised with the results since trying your product.  Before taking this product I felt like I had absolutely no energy even when I was taking multi vitamins, B12 and over the counter supplements to focus and energy but didn't notice much difference but after using your product, I have burst of energy and can actually feel as my concentration is better as well.  I add one scope in 8 oz water in the morning and after lunch, it seems as it  also curb my appetite for hours.  Now I can actually come home and work out....feels great!   My 20 year old takes it before going to the gym n swears that he has more stamina when he drinks it before work out.  I'm definitely recommending it to my friends and family. 

- Nasreen H. 
Regional Manager at HEA